People with anxiety:

  • Know the worry is irrational
  • Want to calm down but can’t
  • Hate the fact that breathing feels like you are trying to breathe rocks instead of air
  • Feel like they are drowning and suffocating.  Telling them to just take a breath and calm down doesnt help.
  • Want to stop shaking but can’t control their limbs.
  • Just plain feel horrible and embarrassed.




Dear white people…

I don’t agree with this at all. If I told you that I sincerely believe that all black people are physically and mentally superior to all white people and discriminated against white people based on those beliefs, wouldn’t I be racist no matter the society I lived in?

it’s astonishing the amount of people who still don’t fucking know how racism works, or what the term actually means.

You can believe that all you want but we live in THIS society

which means hundreds of years of white imperialism, massive amounts of discrimination against PoC, and you actually have no institutional power to discriminate against white people because THEY have the power to punish you for anything you do.

And this sort of mindset keeps you from thinking about what you are doing that is racist and working to change your own beliefs and actions. 

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sarah paulson switching the name cards so tatiana could sit next to her

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